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Meridian Health provides personalized care, diagnostic testing, hands-on therapies and natural medicines
Injury Rehabilitation

Sport Injury , Back pain , Neck pain , Joint pain , Nerve pain , Hand Injury , Whiplash ,Concussion , Post-operation

Follow-up Treatment

Massage, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise Advice, and more.

Integrative Health

Stress ,Chronic pain, Inflammation, Food sensitivity ,Tiredness, Insomnia , Eczema, Blood pressure ,Weight


We specialize in the treatment of pain and we get results.

Upper Back Massage
Neck Treatment

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Meridian Health is a natural medicine clinic and we welcome collaboration with your Physician of choice.
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Senior Physiotherapy
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​​We get Results....

"The pain was gone to be quite honest with you, it was gone straight away..."

- Andrew M. (75)


Meridian Health

​​We take a holistic approach in our practices